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RTHM Community
Ryan Kellogg

Welcome to RTHM Community

Welcome to the RTHM Community, an educational resource for patients and caregivers.

It's Personal To Us!

The RTHM founding team has worked for over a decade in the lab and in the clinic understanding and treating complex and post-infectious illness, motivated because we are patients ourselves. We understand your frustration and we know you are seeking answers and treatments for your symptoms.

We have created the community as a way to help educate patients, caregivers, physicians, and loved ones on Long COVID and what we currently understand about the disease. Because Long COVID is a relatively new condition, it is important to understand that what we know about Long COVID is constantly changing as new research and data come in. What we know about Long COVID today may drastically change tomorrow and it is important that, as a patient, you understand this.

Here at RTHM, we are constantly receiving new data and adjusting our treatment protocols as necessary. As a patient, we believe it is important for you to have a deep understanding of what Long COVID is and how, as a clinic, we adjust to new emerging data in order to provide you with the best possible care. Understanding this allows you to be armed with information and understanding when you meet with your clinician.

The RTHM Community contains a wealth of information for patients to review and understand. We know that taking in all this information can seem overwhelming and we recommend you pace your way through the information. Our clinicians ask that you explore these first sections before your initial appointment in order to provide you with basic information and help make the most out of your first visit.